Creating a Cocoon at Home While Self-Isolating

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Hope everyone is doing as well as they can. These are certainly crazy times and it goes without saying that just getting through the day can be cause for celebration. Some of us are working remotely, some of us are doing that and homeschooling and some of us still have to work outside the home but we're all still self-isolating.

Self-Isolating at home

When we chose our home we probably didn't really think that we would be inside for extended periods of time. Maybe you loved the neighbourhood and the great restaurants and coffee shops nearby. Maybe you loved the public parks and nature trails where you could get exercise. Maybe you moved to be close to family and friends so you could enjoy regular get togethers. But right now these things are not available to us. Apart from leaving the house for groceries and a walk we are confined to our homes 24/7.

As we really don't know when we can go back to a pre pandemic normal again, we have to adjust our mindset and find ways to enjoy where we are right now.

Obviously being in a small space has more challenges than a larger one I still think there are ways to create a comfortable and soothing place while self-isolating.

1. Keep it tidy

A clean space makes everyone feel better. Enlist the help of your loved ones and maybe a chore chart would make sense here. Make your bed in the morning, put away your clothes and wipe down the counters. This is super important if you are working from home. A tidy home helps to reduce stress which we already have enough of thank you very much. When your home is tidy you feel more comfortable and calm. Studies do prove that mess increases blood pressure.

2. Create defined spaces

Again this can be challenging in a smaller space but nevertheless still really important. A small nook can serve as an office space which is preferable to using the bed or the couch. When you have a defined office space it makes it easier for others in the home to be respectful of your area. Try to make your office space conducive to getting work done. A good suggestion would be to have this space away from the general flow of the rest of the home. If children are using the kitchen table for school work, then all of their supplies should be put away at the end of the school day. A good idea would be to have plastic totes for each child and these can be quickly packed up before meal times.

3. Mementos

Now is a great time to bring out things that really give you joy. Photos of family get-togethers, souvenirs from travel adventures and anything packed away that makes you smile should be on display. You could also rotate these items on a weekly basis to keep things fresh and reduce clutter.

4. Living room

We are all watching movies and tv shows to pass the time. Bring out the cozy blankets and pillows for snuggling on the couch.

5. Bedroom

Some of us are having difficulty sleeping so it is super important to make our bedrooms a sanctuary. Open a window if you can to have some fresh air circulation. Pickup all of the dirty clothes off the floor and try to keep cell phone use to a minimum. If you can't sleep, download books from the library onto a device so as not to disturb your partner.

If you need to purchase anything for your home during this time, do some research to find any local businesses doing curbside pickup or delivery. Even if we can't go out on a regular basis there are still things we need and purchasing from a locally owned business helps our community.

If you have any tips or suggestions we would love to hear from you. Your feedback means so much.

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  • Posted On: Apr 13, 2020
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Helga in Oakville
Thanks for some good info. I love your posts. Your stuff is always interesting and there are really good tips.

Tannis in Grimsby
With the world out there going to hell in a handbasket I get the most comfort from just cuddling on my sofa with tea and honey. Sometimes a glass of wine works too.

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