Let's call it Physical Distancing not Social Distancing

Hi there friends.

Hope everyone is doing well and doing their part to flatten the curve. It sure is a crazy and weird time and self isolating can really take its toll on you physically and mentally.

Don't be socially distant

Fortunately, where we live, we can go for a walk outside (which may change ) while still being safe and adhering to physical distancing. This as we all know means being at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from another person.

Yesterday afternoon I was out for a walk and another walker who was a safe distance away turned her head and averted her eyes. Now she may have been having a bad day, I get that, but I wanted to address the fact that a smile and a wave is a simple and nice gesture.

I have noticed that many people were confused about the old term social distancing. Early on I said to my boyfriend that this was a bad term to use. People were too anxious and scared to give each other eye contact because they felt it was against the rules of social distancing. I almost felt like people thought they could get the virus by looking at another person.

Physical distancing is a much better term. It says we have to be apart in a physical sense but still engage in a social sense. Don't get me wrong. I am not at all advocating socialising with your friends and neighbours. This is stupid and dangerous behaviour. What I am saying is that to acknowledge and smile when we see someone out for a walk is polite and really necessary these days.

We are all in this together and even if we are apart at a safe distance we can and should show we are here for each other.

So if you have to go grocery shopping today make a plan to say hi and acknowledge other shoppers as well as the staff who are working hard for us all. It sounds cliche but a smile in these trying times can really help to brighten up someone's day.

Do you have an opinion about social versus physical distancing? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading

Have a super day

  • Posted On: Apr 1st, 2020
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Comments & Replies

Elroy in Kitchener
I really agree with what you said about the staff at our local businesses. They are the heroes that make sure we can get the supplies we need while we all wait out the coronavirus. They deserve at least a "Hello" and a even a "Thanks".

Ferida in Victoria
I work at a grocery store and I like to smile and say hi to people. I get all kinds of responses but most people are friendly.

Bula in Fredericton
We all need social interactions. Lets not forget to say hello to everyone.

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