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We all understand the importance of supporting locally owned businesses in our community. This really is a no-brainer and doesnít mean that we need to shop everyday or that every item and service we buy has to be 100% local. We all do the best we can and try to avoid spending money with the big box chains. For the past three years I have made a conscious decision to avoid Walmart, and have not missed the experience one bit.

What happens when we are on vacation? Do we simply toss our shopping locally ideology in the garbage and just go with the easiest option? Do we just take the kids to a fast food chain restaurant to keep the peace? Well I say No.

The most worthwhile part of a trip is exploring new places and buying unique and different items from the local people. Why would I go out for dinner at a chain restaurant when I could spend time at a lovely local bistro with a special flavor and atmosphere?

Recently I was vacationing in New York City and had a wonderful time exploring interesting neighborhoods with their own special charm and vitality. Sure you can tramp around Times Square with the thousands of other tourists (which is certainly something every visitor should do) and see every large American retailer within a 1 mile block. Itís sensory overload for sure! However, if you hop on a subway for ten minutes you can find yourself in a totally different world where everything is local and unique. I donít want to buy something from a store that I can find at the mall at home or eat at a boring chain restaurant. I go on vacation to experience something different from the everyday.

I met New Yorkers who really love their city and were more than happy to recommend interesting places to visit that are off the beaten path. Every neighbourhood we walked around had its own special feel and magic. The locals definitely had a real and genuine love of their local community.

When visitors come to my community, I want them to see and experience something new and interesting to share with their friends and family back home. Letís all embrace what makes our neighbourhood unique by supporting our locally owned businesses.

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  • Posted On: May 20, 2014
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