10 Ways to Shop Local this Christmas

Today, with all the snow, it actually looks like Christmas in my community so with that in mind we decided to get into the spirit with this list of fun and economical ways to shop local this holiday season.

1: Visit your favourite Uptown book store. These guys can help you with those hard to buy for people on your Christmas list. Also they will have awesome cards and magazines and maybe a little something for yourself too.

2: Go to a local florist for great gift ideas and decor for your home and office. I always like to buy little rosemary plants for hostess and teacher gifts and they smell absolutely divine.

Christmas Shopping

3: Here’s a secret.Psst….folks like beer. With the interest in craft beer these days, get the beer drinkers some interesting craft beer from a local brewery. They will also carry unique merch and stuff not found at your regular beer store.

4: Get a selection of fabulous teas from a local tea shop. Everyone loves a nice soothing cup of tea on a chilly day. Tea is good for the soul.

5: Sign up your favorite aunt/uncle or niece for a cooking class. Check out the schedules at your local kitchen shop. Wrap it with a unique kitchen gadget for fun.

6:Speaking of classes, how about an art class? Who wouldn’t love a neat pottery or life drawing class in the middle of winter.

7: Go to your local independent grocer and grab a hand selected gift basket of interesting unique foods. Print out a recipe and get the ingredients for an exotic dish. Who knows maybe you’ll get invited for dinner.

8: Get your loved ones a fun and amusing board game from a locally owned toy store. The owners are really excited about games either new or old school and can help you select something to have a blast this Christmas.

9: How about a gift certificate for a mani/pedi from a locally owned salon? Mum would love to spend time with you so why not get one for yourself and do it together. (I would love it if my son did this with me!)

10: Support your local arts community and grab a couple of tickets to a locally produced show. Who doesn’t love a night on the town?

I hope I have given you some great ideas a of ways to avoid the malls this holiday season and give gifts that actually support your community and keep you sane.


  • Posted On: November 20, 2015
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