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Back To School And Back On Track

Hey there! Hope everyone has had a wonderful summer and enjoyed their community by attending local festivals and eating some delicious locally grown foods.. We really look forward to the summertime, however I actually look forward to the start of every season. Even though my children are no longer in school, I still consider the day after Labour Day as the start of a new year. For me its a time to put my priorities into perspective and make a plan of what I want to accomplish during the year.These are not huge grand goals but actually pretty easy and simple things to keep me happy and fulfilled. Check these out.

  1. Say yes to invitations. Sometimes we are tired from a long and busy day at work and it would be easy to just stay in and binge watch a TV show. Be more open to doing stuff.
  2. Find ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Going for a walk after dinner is a beautiful thing. Try walking to the bank instead of taking the car. Less stress!
  3. Go to the farmers market. Buy some food to make dinner. Its something we love to do.
  4. Talk to your family. Everyone gets old and our parents wont be around forever. Sure the conversation will sometimes get monotonous but just think how much you will miss those times when they are no longer around.
  5. Say I love you. Sure some people think its not important but not me. Tell the people in your life how much you mean to them.
  6. Go and explore somewhere close to home. Sure it would be awesome to travel more but sometimes circumstances and finances dont allow us to go far afield. Find a place an hour from home and check it out. Who knew that there was amazing places to visit pretty close to home.
  7. Read more books. Visit the library and take out books to read. Take them to work and watch people in the lunch room be amazed at your cute retro hobby.
  8. Don't be cheap. If a friend wants to grab coffee at a hipster coffee shop do it and don't complain. Next time you can choose where to go.
  9. Enjoy the moment. Don't be a clock watcher. Stop counting down the hours or days until you do something. Your life is happening right now.
  10. Find joy in the simple things. A ripe tomato and a fresh piece of bread is an awesome thing.

Have an awesome Fall and maybe I will see you at the local farmers market.


  • Posted On: Sept 08, 2017
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