Be an enthusiastic cheerleader when it comes to shopping locally

When we all make a conscious effort to support our local businesses, we are saying that we appreciate the unique qualities they give to our community. Do we want our town to look like every other place with those big box corporate chain stores and their bland storefronts and advertising? We love our independent book sellers with their author readings, our bake shops with their beautiful desserts and our local coffee shops with their lively discussions. Our local businesses are special and bring an interesting and eclectic feel to our town. Choosing to spend your hard earned dollars at a local and independent business gives our community a chance to shine.

It's easy and fun to be an enthusiastic cheerleader when it comes to shopping locally. Tell your friends about the cute new locally owned boutique you visited or the great music store with the hard to find vintage albums. Shopping locally and spreading the word to friends and family is important if these unique businesses are to survive and thrive. The independent and locally owned restaurants don't just add to the fabric of our community, but they are the heart and soul and what makes it special. The kitschy gift shops and the groovy hair salons give our main street a unique flavor that says our town is different and our town is not like others.

We are all wonderfully different individuals and and we want our community to reflect that. Go out today, and visit a new and interesting business. Invest in the uniqueness of your town.


  • Posted On: October 30, 2013
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Betty in Victoria
I enjoy reading your articles. They give me ideas about what we all can do for own own community. Thanks

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