Be Real and Shop Local

We all like to think that big budget marketing campaigns don't have any effect on how we spend our money. "Oh no", I hear my friends say, "advertising just doesn't work on me". They tell me that the barrage of commercials on TV have absolutely no effect on them whatsoever. Who are they kidding?

Oh Please! These big budget ad campaigns do work, and they continue to work even though some of us are quite oblivious. We are captivated by how these ads make us feel and they tell us how we should be living our lives.

They show us that Starbucks is a fun place to go after shopping with our girlfriends. We are drawn into the cozy scene of pretty women wearing cute woolen hats and scarves laughing over coffee and hot chocolate. You can actually see the scene playing in your head like an old time movie. We see Tim Hortons as the place to go after watching the kids hockey game, donuts and coffees are front and center. The scene looks fun and warm and we want to live this life. Too bad that it's not as real as the marketer's imagery suggests.

Large corporations have large advertising budgets. Small local businesses do not have the millions of dollars to spend to produce those mini movies. Why do we continue to give big companies our hard earned money? We have been brainwashed to think that this is what we are supposed to do.

Let's just stop making large companies richer than they already are. Let's just get real and support the local businesses in our community. Our own real lives are so much more interesting than any life a director of a commercial could ever dream up.

Be Real and Shop Local; forget the corporate imagery. We Care and You Do Too!

  • Posted On: December 6, 2013
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Sookie in Waterloo
I haven't had a Starbucks since the start of the pandemic. Have to say don't really miss it and I'm saving $3 per day!

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