Getting Ready For Spring

Hello friends!

If you live where Winter is long and cold, you are no doubt excited like the rest of us for Spring. Yes the reports are true. Spring is on its way and we welcome her with open arms. Here is a quick and easy list of ways to get ready for Spring and support local businesses at the same time. Of course we encourage you to support local all year long, but along with cleaning and exercising, sometimes we all need just a little push to get motivated.

So here it is:

Spring chilling in the sun

1. Flowers. Yes the first thing we think of when Springtime arrives is fresh flowers. Go to your local flower shop and get a nice happy bunch of tulips. Flowers make us feel good and dress up your space without much fuss. I am positive you will find lots of other fresh luscious plants while you are there.

2. Exercise. Yes its time to get out of the house and do something . Find a local yoga studio, spin class or running club and get moving. We all know the benefits of exercise and going local is a great way to meet like minded people.

3. Get to the Farmers Market. Yes to that. If you have read any of our previous posts you would know that we are huge fans of our local farmers market. Spring at the market is a delight and not a chore like shopping at the grocery store can sometimes be. Try it this weekend and while you are there say hi to the cheese guy from us!

4. Purge your closet and donate to your local Thrift Store. Yes Yes and double Yes. Did you know that getting rid of excess stuff can feel the same as losing weight? And not a celery stick in sight! Donating your stuff helps others and who knows you may find a treasure or two while you are there.

5. Clean up your backyard and patio. Yes its a crappy job but just think about all of the wonderful days you will spend there very very soon. Go to your local hardware store for big refuse bags and any equipment you need. These guys know there stuff and can help getting your outdoor space shipshape for those beautiful evenings that are just around the corner.

Hope this quick list helps you think local this Spring.

Loving Local


  • Posted On: March 21st, 2017
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Comments &amp Replies

Tammy in Kitchener
I just love the spring and I can't wait for the tulips to come up. Is it too late to get some bulbs from my local nursery?

Fiona G
Thanks for the tips. I also like to hang my washing outside. It smells so fresh.

Terry T in Woodstock
Spring is my favourite time of year. Flowers just make me want to sing show tunes.

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