Go where People Smile and Sincerely Thank You for Your Business..

This morning as you head out the door to grab a coffee on the way to work, stop and think about where you are going. Sometimes we go where we have always gone even if it means a busy drive-thru or less than stellar customer service. We are creatures of habit going where we have always gone, doing what we always do. How did we get into this habit of just going through the motions and not trying something better and more convenient? Just because we have always bought our coffee from a big muti-national chain does it mean we should continue to do so? I have seen it first hand, where the drive through at the chain store coffee shop is extremely busy yet the small independent guy down the street with the better coffee and the smaller advertising budget is less so.

Why have so many of us just given ourselves over to the marketing machine of these big corporations? Do we really believe the message about how much they care about us? We have become numb to their intense manipulative advertising as we blindly hand over our money for substandard product. Wake up and smell the coffee people. You can choose to go where the jingle is on the tip of your tongue or you can go where the people serving you actually own the place. You can put your money into the pockets of a large faceless corporation or back into your own community. You can go where people will smile and sincerely thank you for your business because they really do care and not because it is company policy.

Cheers! Katie

  • Posted On: October 11, 2013
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