Greeting Our Neighbours With A Hi And A Smile

Hi friends!

Some of the beauty in our neighbourhood

I really love walking in my neighbourhood especially on the beautiful trails and visiting the local parks. We are very fortunate to live within walking distance to two Universities which have many green spaces to enjoy. Our community has many streets with wide sidewalks where people walk to school or work or just because.

I nearly always say hi to people coming towards me and most of the time I get a "Hi" back, but sometimes I get a furrowed look as if to say "why are you acknowledging me?"

Relax people. I am not trying to harass you or even start a conversation but, a simple Hi is a lovely and very easy way to greet another human being. Sometimes we can feel disconnected from one another as we go about our day. Studies show that social engagement helps us live longer and happier. We here at Shop-Local believe in supporting local businesses and each other with positivity.

Try it today by taking out your ear buds and saying "Hello" to everyone along your walk. Its not hard, and who knows, you may even make someones day!


  • Posted On: April 19, 2017
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Comments & Replies

Ernie S in Cambridge
I am self isolating and finding your articles good to read and not the news right now. Thanks for some good information.

Sasha in Toronto
I am lucky that I live in a place where people greet their neighbours. It's nice living in a community where we know each other. Thanks for this post.

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