Local Businesses do the Right Thing when Shopping Locally

We, as consumers understand how important it is for us to shop locally. We realize that money spent at our local businesses keeps our community vibrant. We have seen the reports of over 67% of money spent with a local independent business actually stays in the community. This is not news and for the vast majority of us. There is no sense in preaching to the choir, so how do businesses shop locally?

Studies show that most small independent local businesses shop and support other small independent local stores and services making them the biggest fans of shopping locally. They understand the value of networking with other small business owners thereby creating a reliable and sustainable list of suppliers whom they can trust and rely upon. This is a responsible way to do business.

Unlike chain stores, local businesses are free to use and support local businesses because they are not mandated by corporate head office. Our independent businesses are able to buy their supplies locally without having the bureaucratic nightmare of miles of red tape and headache from head office. Franchisees do not have this luxury of autonomy and must do what the corporation decides is in the best interests of the company. When we shop at large nationwide chains, a large percentage of the profits go back to the corporation which is usually based outside of the local community. For the most part, money spent at a big chain just makes the big chain more profitable.

Local businesses love to congratulate and encourage the growth of other new businesses and you can see them posting likes and comments on each others face book pages. Twitter feeds are full of recommendations from local businesses about where to eat, where to shop or just who is new in town. There is a real sense of pride and enthusiasm within the local business community.

By supporting and spending at one local business we are also supporting the other local businesses that they, in turn support. It really is a circle of support; one small purchase made at a local independent business spreads out to the community in so many ways.

Try it today. It really makes sense to shop locally.

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  • Posted On: November 11, 2013
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