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Shopping Local is something we do everyday. For us, it is not a hardship or a inconvenience in any way. We do our errands and go about our daily routine while enjoying the chance to catch up with friends and neighbors at our favorite coffee shop. We really love telling people about the beautiful seasonal baked goods at a new local bakery or the fab fashion finds at a hip boutique in our neighbourhood. We love the flower shop and bookstore who give our main street it's vibrant character. We make a conscious decision to shop from non-chain stores and feel good about supporting our community.

Shopping Local doesn't just mean making a purchase from a local store. Shopping Local also means using local services to help make our lives happier, healthier and just better! Local business owners fix our furnaces, our toilets, our teeth and our pet's teeth. We need these integral members of our community to keep things running smoothly. Local services are often the un-sung heroes of our neighbourhood but are definitely vitally important.

When you need home maintenance or repairs a local business owner is who you should call. These owners are committed to customer service and your loyalty means a lot to them. You can be assured that if a problem does arise, a local business owner will be there to resolve it for you face to face rather than a customer service representative over the phone.

Look for a local service business for all of your day to day needs. Find references through your Better Business Bureau. Talk to your friends and family and find out who they would recommend. Double check on the business's reliability by checking it's ratings and comments at www.Shop-Local.ca. Why would you choose a large corporation when you could have your work done by a local tradesman?

Remember that the local service business owners are your neighbours and deserve your support.

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  • Posted On: December 2, 2013
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