Retail Therapy, the Cure for the Winter Blahs

With the extreme cold temperatures we have all been experiencing lately, the February Blahs have come early this year. Normally I am one of those people that actually likes the winter. I run outside, go skating and enjoy hiking and walking. However this year I have not been able to get outside as much as I would like and have found myself complaining about the temperature a lot. My friends and I are constantly annoyed by the drastic dips in temperature and that frigid wind that seems to come with it. The topic of conversation at the local coffee shop is the weather and will it ever get warmer?

Yesterday I told myself enough is enough and did what any woman does to get over the blahs… Woman in a warm sweaterRetail Therapy.

As you already know, I am a staunch supporter of all things local, so I ventured outside and went to Uptown Waterloo to some of my favorite local businesses.

I started with tea at The Honey Bake Shop and a yummy date square. I just love this place and it really was a cozy place to sit and observe the world outside. I saw people going into the corporate coffee chain across the street and I just shook my head. Really??

Next I went to my favorite local book store, Wordsworth’s where I browsed the shelves and got some great recommendations. I have a few picky friends with big birthdays coming up. These guys really know their stuff and their picks are always spot on!

I then braved the wintery winds and walked up King Street to Vincenzos and enjoyed a lovely bowl of red pepper soup with a crusty roll.I also picked up some fresh pasta, cheese and sauce for dinner.

There are so many wonderful local businesses in Waterloo and Kitchener and supporting them during these cold winter days is great Retail Therapy. Get your coat, hats and mitts on, get outside and get shopping. It’s good for your mental well being and your community.

Keep it Local!

  • Posted On: January 29, 2014
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