Reuniting With Our Community

Hello friends!

Summertime is in full swing and so beautiful! It is such a treat to wonder around the neighbourhood and see nature come to life after a long and very cold winter. Itís wonderful to catch up with neighbours and have a chat.

Conecting with the community

During the winter it seemed like we were all in a mad rush to just get home and close the garage door and sit in our little sanctuary. We all binge watched Netflicks and spent lazy days on the couch not wanting to venture outside. Actually I enjoyed the winter and spent many hours walking the local trails and loved it!

However much I loved the scenery and the peace and quiet of those winter walks I did miss the connection with the people. Now with the sunshiney weather I have lots of people to say Hi to and feel a part of our excellent community. We all need to belong and just taking the time to walk around outside can connect us with our friends and neighbours.

Take time tonight after dinner to go for a walk around our community and see how many smiles and hellos you get.

Cheers! Katie

  • Posted On: June 15, 2015
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