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Are you taking time to enjoy the beautiful days of summer? In between working and errands and family commitments, are you getting out there and really exploring the world around you? You don't need a passport or a whole lot of money to go for a road trip to see and experience something new.

The benefits of road tripping

We here at Shop-Local are all about supporting locally owned businesses but this doesn't necessarily mean that we always stay home to do it. When we are out for a day trip we always seek out local businesses for a coffee or a snack. It really is fun and entertaining to meet and chat with small businesses owners who can tell us about other great places to visit in their neighbourhoods.

Local businesses make their communities unique and special. Do you really want to go for a drive and drop into McDonalds for a crummy old burger or would you rather visit a small diner for a homecooked meal? There's no question what i would rather do. Who can say no to crispy pan fried bacon and eggs?

We love and appreciate all things local whether it be in our own neighbourhood or elsewhere. I encourage you this summer to get in the car, get out there for a road trip and enjoy the hospitality of a family owned restaurant or a groovy non-corporate coffee shop. You will be supporting the people who make their community great.

Keeping it local
Katie and Steve

  • Posted On: July 27, 2016
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