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Hi there friends!

Hope your day is an awesome one.

Today I would like to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. This weekend instead of ordering the same old pizza or going to the same chain restaurant why not mix it up a bit and try something different and something local.

Hereís my list of top 5 ways to think outside the box with some weekend activities and support a locally owned business.

1. Friday night. Skip the dreary chain pizza and go for something nutritious and delicious. Try a new pizza place for a sit down dinner. Maybe even shower and shave beforehand if you want it to be extra fancy. Have some fun after a hard week at work and enjoy yourself. Itís sometimes hard to get out when itís cold outside I totally get that. But you will be glad you did it locally.

2. If eating in is your thing why not buy some yummy fresh ingredients from a local grocer or farmers market and make your own pizza. Try some interesting and unusual toppings and get the kids involved. Make some memories . Call me crazy, but I just love arugula on a pizza. Try it!

3. Visit a local bar and order local craft beer. Try something interesting and flavorful. Local breweries put their heart and soul into their beer and your taste buds will thank you. Ask your bartender for local recommendations. These guys are the experts and can steer you in the local direction.

4. How about a late night cocktail? Find out what your signature drink is. Are you like me and when youíre asked Ē what are you havingĒ, are you stumped and just go for the usual white wine or beer. Why not be real adults and try a whiskey, or channel your inner Don Draper and order an Old Fashioned. Have some conversation with friends you havenít met yet. I actual found out that bourbon is quite lovely when mixed with a simple syrup.

5. Watch a foreign film. Go to your local indie movie house and see something weird and different. Stretch yourself and get out of your fuzzy slipper comfort zone.

I hope I have given you some creative ideas for activities so you can be a local supporter this weekend.

We Care and You Do Too! Katie

  • Posted On: February 20, 2015
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