Shop Where You are Treated Like a Friend Not a Nuisance

As good citizens, we all understand how important it is to shop local and support our community. I really love our local shops and the uniqueness they bring to our main street. We all lead busy lives and during the Holiday Season it seems that a year’s worth of activity is crammed into three weeks of December.

I admit that in the past I used to shop at the mall and the big box stores. The mall parking lot was always a zoo and everyone was on edge looking for the perfect spot. When you eventually did find a parking place at least 2 city blocks away from the front door, you then had to battle the crowds inside.When you made your way to the store which was supposed to carry that item your kids needed on their list, you would find said item not available. So now I come to a huge reason for shopping local and that is customer service. Finding a sales associate is next to impossible in a large department store. When you finally did locate a sales associate they would be busy assisting someone else or heading on a break. Woman shopping in clothing store Then what would happen if the article you wanted was sold out. Do you think the associate could call another store or suggest something similar? You would be on your own and still needing a holiday gift. The whole exercise would be one of supreme frustration.

When you shop locally you develop a relationship with the store owner and can rely on their expertise to help you find that perfect gift. Shopping for holiday gifts is not easy. We want to find the perfect gift and not just grab something and say “well this will do”. We hate to think that our hard earned money will be spent on something useless and unwanted and may end up being re gifted. The sales associates at the big box stores do not know us and have no clue what Uncle Harry may like for Christmas. However if you go to your locally owned independent store that you have been supporting for years, you will definitely find helpful staff and leave with that perfect gift.

Who honestly has time to walk around a cavernous warehouse looking for merchandise or someone to help us? Trust me, if you shop at a small independent store you will be greeted with enthusiasm and knowledge as the owners care about their customers and want you to come back. The staff at the big corporate stores don’t give two hoots about you and really it shows. Shop where you are treated like a friend.

This season give gifts that truly show your loved ones how you feel. A holiday gift bought at a large corporate store says “I have no clue what to buy, but at least I got something!” Buy something unique and heartfelt at a locally owned store.

Time is precious don’t waste it in a big box store! Shop Local and save time this Holiday Season.


  • Posted On: December 16, 2013
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Brenda in Waterdown
I really like reading about ways I can live a better life and I really think it starts by shopping locally. It makes me feel good.

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