Shopping Locally Is Time Well Spent

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Are you one of those people who dread shopping? Do you hate trying to find a parking spot at the mall, the long lineups at the check out, not finding any one to help you and buying stuff you really don't need?

Our garden in a pot

If you spent that time going local you would actually enjoy the whole shopping experience. Going to the farmers market is actually time well spent. We see going to the market as an outing instead of a boring chore and always end up meeting friends for a nice conversation.

Building a relationship with a local business means that you will never have to wander aimlessly around a cavernous store looking for someone to help you. She will be right there and actually know how to help you find what you really need.

Our time is really important and waiting at those long line ups at the big grocery store is never fun and often can be exasperating. Choosing to buy from a small independent store can actually be faster and more efficient. I don't have to roam past aisles of children's toys and cheap fashion when I just need some fresh corn and broccoli.

Supporting a locally owned business keeps our community vibrant and unique. It also is way more fun!
Do it today.

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  • Posted On: August 14, 2016
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