5 Small Steps to Supporting Local Businesses

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Here at Shop-Local we are always trying to find new and helpful ways to encourage everyone to support their locally owned businesses. We understand that sometimes the cheapest place to buy something is at the big box store. We certainly get that! However if we all made a conscientious decision about where and when to spend our hard earned money, we would find that supporting the locally owned business actually makes good financial sense.

Have you noticed that those large uninteresting chain stores carry a lot of stuff that frankly we really donít need? In fact they really are encouraging us to spend way more than we really need to buying way more stuff than we are likely to ever use.

Lets all be more strategic with our spending. Letís support local businesses and buy what we really do need. Here are 5 ways that shopping locally actually helps your dollar go further!

1. Less clutter: Buy only the items that you really do need and not just some cheap stuff from a big box store. Think about how this purchase really will help your life.

2. Quality over quantity: A good quality item will not fall apart after a few uses. Cheaply made plastic junk will actually cost you more in the long run. Support a local craftsman who actually makes the item that will stand the test of time.

3. Saving time: Have you ever tried to find a sales associate at a warehouse store? By the time someone has helped you find something or found someone else to answer your quick question you could have been done and home from a small local store. Trying to quickly get in and out of a big box store is often practically impossible.

4. Less waste: When we buy just what we need at a local vendor we end up with less garbage. Chain stores package products (sometimes excessively) to be shipped a long distance and for convenient display. Go to your local farmers market with a cloth bag and see how much garbage you bring home. Nada!

5. Walking or taking public transport: Try walking to a big box store. Is this even possible? Often our locally owned businesses are located on our main street which makes walking or taking the bus a convenient way to get there. Less money spent on gas!

We can all play a part in supporting locally owned businesses. Shopping locally doesnít mean stretching yourself too thin. Shopping locally means if you need to make a purchase, choose to make a wise purchase.

Shop at a local store today and keep your money in your own community.

We Care and You Do Too!!

  • Posted On: January 26th, 2015
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