Supporting Local Businesses Helps Your Budget

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Here at Shop local, as regular readers of our blog posts know, we are big fans of supporting locally owned businesses. Whenever possible we frequent our local farmers markets for food, dine at local restaurants and watch movies at our local art-house theatre. We feel passionate about the uniqueness which local businesses give to a community.

We are also very conscious of keeping our spending to a minimum like everyone is, so we have a list of ways shopping locally is not only good for the world but for your pocketbook too.

Enjoying a beer on date night

1. Buying your produce from the farmers market. Usually food is cheaper at a farmer's market because you often buy directly from the farmers. You are using your own bags which cuts down on the amount of garbage. And, you are not tempted by other stuff you really don't need. Shopping at your market is definitely a win win win.

2. Buy your meat from a butcher. Getting to know your butcher is a great way to support a local business. You will find out where your meat comes from and the quality will be so much better than the chain grocery stores.

3. Buy from a local boutique when you really need to. Pull all of your stuff out of your closet and see what you really have and what items you really need. Purchasing from a local designer can sometimes be more expensive than buying from a chain store. However you will not have to replace that dress after 2 washes. This is a saving in the long run.

4. Find a tailor to repair and alter old clothes. A professional tailor can save you money in replacing items and give your garment a new lease on life.

5. Use a cobbler to repair your shoes. Replacing good shoes is an expensive proposition. I have a beautiful pair of leather boots that I have been taking to my local bookmaker for the past 5 years and they look like new.

6. Go to a local brewery. We are lucky to have a few great local breweries in our community where we love to go and have a cold one. Often the beer is cheaper than at a bar and we feel good about supporting a locally owned business.

7. Follow locally owned restaurants on Twitter. Often our local restaurants will post specials like Taco Tuesday's or Burger Monday's on Twitter which are a great way to save money on date night.

8. Go to a locally owned coffee shop. OK we understand that often the coffee can be more expensive than the chains but life is too short for bad coffee. Also maybe buy the beans and grind your own for home use which really saves money in the long run.

9. Support local artists. If you love art and want to purchase something unique think of supporting a local artist. A piece of art that really speaks to you is a long term investment in beauty and something you will have forever. Posters from chain stores are filling up the land fill.

10. Think before you buy. Make lists and stick to them. Try to find ways to stretch your dollar while supporting a locally owned business. Sometimes you may spend more immediately but you may actually buy less when you consider quality and longevity.

Be a good human. Support a locally owned business today.


  • Posted On:April 2nd, 2018
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Tammy in St. Jacobs
Man I miss going to the farmer's market. I just cant wait for this coronavirus to finish so we can go out shopping in person again.

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