Surviving Construction Season In Canada

Happy summer friends!

Shopping locally will always be a passionate pursuit for us. We love supporting locally owned businesses and keeping our hard earned dollars in our vibrant community. Having said that, we totally understand how sometimes it can be a little challenging during the summertime/construction season to get to our favourite farmers market or sandwich shop.

Surviving Construction Season

In our neighbourhood we are enduring weekly changes to our road closures and I have to honestly say that most days it is frustrating. However I cannot even imagine how hard it is for the local businesses in our city core to keep going through all of this. So here is a simple list of ways to keep it locally during the summer roadwork.

1. Allow extra time when heading out to shop. Don't be frustrated by the things you cannot change.

2. When you visit your locally owned business make it worth while and stock up on a couple of extra things that you normally buy.

3. Encourage your friends and neighbours to keep supporting local businesses and maybe carpool for errands.

4. If possible, walk or ride your bike to your favorite store. Sometimes its easier to avoid construction all together by taking the trails.

5. Remember we are all in this together. Supporting our locally owned businesses is really about supporting a healthy community.

During our shorter summer season road work and construction is unavoidable. Don't let a bit of dust stop you from shopping locally.


  • Posted On: June 23rd, 2016
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