The Economics of Shopping Locally

Sometimes people will tell me that they would really like to support local businesses, but it's way too expensive. They say chains and big box stores are just so much more economical, and that matters more than ever with the Coronavirus forcing us to scale back.

Loving the local plants

I understand that we are all trying to stay on budget but I really believe that choosing local doesn't necessarily mean spending more.

Here are some ways that shopping local does, in fact, help your pocketbook.

  1. Walking, biking or using public transportation to get to your neighbourhood retailer means less money on gas and parking.
  2. Buying at a locally owned store also means we are less likely to impulse buy. We buy what we came for.
  3. When we become a loyal customer of a locally owned business we can hear about special sales and discounts.
  4. Sometimes you have to spend a little more to save in the long run. Buying a quality item from a local business means less money spent on repairs or replacement parts.
  5. Shopping locally means you’ll never incur extra shipping charges.
  6. Having your clothes hemmed and repaired by a professional tailor means less money spent on buying new clothes.

  1. Getting repairs done by a local expert goes for shoe repair too.
  2. Buying your produce from a farmers market is cheaper than the supermarket.
  3. Local bookstores often have great sidewalk sales.
  4. And lastly, supporting a locally owned business is an investment in your community.

Thank you for choosing to shop locally.

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  • Posted On: March 28, 2020
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Comments & Replies

Graham G
Food for thought. I do try my best to support small shops in my neighbourhood. Thanks for the tips.

Jerry S from Hamilton
I actually went online to order something from Amazon the other day. I just couldn't do it when I think about retailers in my community who need the business. Sure the books cost a little more but it is the right thing to do.

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