The Revolt Against Amazon Is On

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This holiday season is a challenging one. We want to shop for Christmas at our local retailers that COVID-19 is making it nearly impossible. I guess shopping at Amazon is an option, but they are the furthest thing from a groovy local business... So what does one do?

I am revolting against Amazon; So what's the opposite of Amazon?

The Not-Amazon Website

It would have to be a place to where you can find local businesses that offer great products that you can purchase while using curb-side pickup or local delivery.

It's here!

We were extremely excited to read about the "Not Amazon" website on CBC news. Here is a link to the article.

We love how the website provides consumers links to small businesses where they can find unique and special places to support. We'd bet you'll find lots of local businesses that you were not even aware of.

Sometimes all it takes is just a suggestion to get the ball rolling and we love it. If you are a small business or a fan of small businesses check them out. . Its a beautiful and easy to navigate site so if you live in one of their featured cities.. Shop-on Online!.

Keeping it local

  • Posted On: December 15, 2020
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Comments & Replies

Ned in Hamilton
Building a not website really great idea. They need to add more cities though. Has Shop-local got any plans to setup a local shopping directory?

Hi Ned, We have been thinking about building a directory and looking into ways to set it up. Thanks for your interest. Steve @

Sandra in Vancouver
I think Amazon is revolting. Glad someone is fighting against them.

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