Try A Staycation This Summer

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A great way to support your own lovely and vibrant community is to act like a tourist. Why not take a "staycation" and do the things that you do on vacation but right here at home. It's a fun way to get to know the heart and soul of your home town and who knows maybe make a few discoveries along the way.

Here is a quick list of staycation ideas to inspire you to stay put for your vacation.

Paddling is a great staycation activity

1. Explore your local parks. Go for a walk and find somewhere you have never explored before. It's amazing how different everything looks when you take a different path.

2. Check out a local art gallery. See what the local art community is up to.

3. Check out a local festival. Every community has something fun to attend.

4. Try out a local restaurant. Maybe you have driven by but never had the time to have a meal.

5. Go to an independent cinema. A foreign film will make you feel like you've traveled without the hefty airfare.

6. Enjoy a performance at a local theatre. These guys know how to act and the tickets are way cheaper than Broadway.

7. Have a beer at a local brewery. Take a tour of the place and learn how beer is really made.

8. Visit a place of interest. Every town has that place that tourists want to see, no matter how cheesy.

9. Stroll downtown. Take a walk and find something you've never seen before

10. Stop and smell the roses. We tend to forget why we love our town. It's the place where we live and grow. Take the time to really see how wonderful your town is.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day

  • Posted On: April 16, 2018
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Comments & Replies

Don in Belleville
When you look around your own neighbourhood there's lots to do. When you don't have money to spend on travel home doesn't have to be boring.

Helen in Kingston
I am thinking that we will probably be staying close to home this Summer. It makes sense right now.

Simon in London
We had planned to go to Panama this year for a month but with all uncertainty over the lock-down we will be staying home.

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