So Many Local Events To Choose From...

Don't you just love summer!?!?

I love sitting outside for every meal, going for walks after dinner and simply enjoying every moment. I seriously can get excited by watching the chickadees at my bird feeder. Just ask my daughter.

Enjoying a local event this summer

That's not to say that I don't love every other season but to be honest, summer is my absolute fave. Does it get any nicer than sitting on a patio with your friends enjoying a bevy and good conversation.

Here at shop local we are huge fans of local business and our local community. Every weekend there are at least 5 different and interesting events going on and sometimes its hard to choose which one to attend. I follow local organizations on Twitter and Facebook for great suggestions in our community. Checking out a local festival is a great way to meet your neighbours and perhaps find a way to lend a helping hand. People also seem more engaging when the weather is nice and its fun to strike up impromptu conversations. Often there will be cool vendors selling handmade crafts and yummy food too. We have an amazing muticultural festival here where you can literally eat around the world.

Do you self a favour this weekend and check out what's happening in your town ( or where you are visiting) for some fun and entertainment. You may be amazed at how cool your town really is.

Hey maybe I will see you there!

Cheers! Katie

  • Posted On: August 10, 2016
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